Religion and the Arts Travel Grant


The Religion and the Arts Travel Grant, funded through the generosity of Diane Apostolos-Cappadona, is awarded annually to a graduate student studying religion and the arts who is without institutional support to attend the Annual Meeting. The grant offsets travel costs associated with attending the Annual Meeting: registration fees (including tours and workshops), hotel room, transportation, and meals up to $1,500. View a list of past winners.


  • Current membership in the AAR with preference to applicants with consistent membership
  • Enrolled in a Religion and the Arts degree program or writing a thesis or dissertation on Religion and the Arts
  • Financial need—current status as a graduate student with lack of access to institutional or external funding

How to Apply

Applicants should submit their materials through the online submission form. All submissions must include:

  • Brief bio including name, institutional affiliation
  • Statement of plans and involvement with religion and the arts opportunities at the Annual Meeting; participation on the program is a plus
  • Statement of financial need describing current income and estimated costs to attend the Annual Meeting as well as any institutional or external travel support available
  • Letter of recommendation from professor, chair, or director confirming the topic of your thesis or dissertation is on Religion and the Arts

Winner Expectations

  • The grant will be distributed at or after the Annual Meeting.
  • Receipts for expenses will need to be submitted.
  • The grant winner will be asked to fill out a post-Annual Meeting survey about their contributions to the Annual Meeting and the benefits of Annual Meeting attendance for their scholarship and vocation.


Contact us at [email protected] if you have additional questions.


TBA for the 2023 cycle

Award Amount

Up to $1,500 to defray travel costs associated with attending the AAR Annual Meeting