Governance and Leadership Development Committee

AAR Board of Directors


The Governance and Leadership Development Committee presents to the Board at least two candidates to run for each AAR Director position elected by vote of the membership. The criteria for nomination include distinction in scholarship, teaching, and service to the Academy. The Committee selects candidates so as to bring the rich diversity of the AAR membership to the Board of Directors. The Committee may also recommend to the Board policies and procedures concerning elections to leadership positions.

Committee Members

  • Term of Office: Ex officio for the elected officers; three years for the three non-board Members
  • Committee Composition: Three Members who are not on the Board of Directors, the immediate past president of the Academy, and the Status Committee Director.

Formerly known as the Nominations Committee: The name was changed through a 2018 Bylaws amendment.

Full NameTerm StartTerm EndPosition
Jose I. Cabezon12/4/202011/21/2021Committee Member
Keri Day1/1/201912/31/2021Committee Member
Sylvester Johnson1/1/202012/31/2022Committee Member
Zayn Kassam11/18/201811/21/2021Committee Member
Kathryn McClymond1/1/202112/31/2023Committee Member
Alice Hunt6/1/2018 Staff Liaison