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AAR Academy Fund

The Academy Fund provides much needed support for general and programmatic operations that support AAR’s mission to foster excellence in the academic study of religion and to enhance the public understanding of religion. Contributions to this fund help AAR implement the work of our committees/working groups and execute the Annual Meeting. 

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Awards in Excellence Fund 

The AAR Katie Geneva Cannon Excellence in Teaching Award, the AAR Lawrence H. Mamiya Excellence in Public Service Award, and the James H. Cone Excellence in Mentoring Award recognize the importance of academic teaching, public service and faculty mentoring, and honors outstanding legacy bearers in each of these separate yet related fields. 

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Annual Meeting Travel Grants Fund

AAR’s Annual Meeting Travel Grants Fund provides support to defray costs and make attending the Annual Meeting a reality for members who may otherwise find the cost of attendance to be prohibitive. Contributions to this fund will help to broaden the participation at the Annual Meeting for our student, contingent faculty, and unemployed/underemployed members where their attendance, delivering of papers, serving on panels, and interviewing at the Employment Center affords them with valuable opportunities for scholarly development.   

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Awards and Recognition Fund 

The Awards and Recognition Fund provides support to AAR’s awards programs that recognize extraordinary contributions to the academic study of religion and the public understanding of religion as well as service to the AAR membership. Contributions to this fund will help AAR to continue to offer awards such as the Martin E. Marty Award for the Public Understanding of Religion, Religion and the Arts Award, Book Awards, and Journalism Awards. 

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Research and Development Grants Fund

The Research and Development Grant Fund provides support to AAR’s grant programs that provide funding for development grants, public engagement fellowships and seed grants. Contributions to this fund will help AAR to continue to offer widely popular grants programs such as individual research grants, collaborative research grants, collaborative international research grants, international dissertation research and regional development grants. 

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AAR COVID-19 Crisis Fund

The AAR recognizes that some members have been adversely impacted financially by the pandemic. With this in mind, the 2020 AAR COVID-19 Crisis Fund was established to provide mini grants to members who have lost a significant portion of their income. While this fund cannot provide continuing sustenance for members in crisis situations, the hope is to provide a small financial bridge during a difficult situation. 

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If you prefer to mail in your donation, fill out this printable contribution form and mail it to: 

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The AAR is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization recognized by the IRS. Your gift is tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.