AAR Member Notes

Submitting a member note lets the AAR share your news and accomplishments with others.

We currently accept the following types of notes:

  • Awards and Accomplishments (e.g., grants, fellowships, book awards, promotions)
  • Books and Major Publications 
  • In the News (media mentions)
  • Public Scholarship (e.g., podcast launches, projects for non-academic audiences)

You must be a current AAR member to submit a note.

Please be sure to include a link or other information the AAR staff can use to verify your submission. Member notes that cannot be verified will not be accepted.

Member notes are typically published to the AAR website within five to ten business days. Only one submission per month is accepted.

All member notes will be promoted individually via the AAR's official social media channels (Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn) and included in a quarterly newsletter. Members who collaborated on a book or project will be promoted together. 

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