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Religion, Culture, and History Series

The Religion, Culture, and History Series publishes scholarship that investigates the intersections of religion and culture. It hopes to include research that examines how religion is constructed and deployed outside of traditional institutions, textual genres, ritual practices, and communal spaces. Dislocating religion from established geographies, sources, and interpreters provides a new landscape to explore how it is performed across broader cultural domains. This type of scholarship disrupts our notions of who gets to define religion, where it takes place, and whose voices are authorized in its application. By destabilizing some of the assumptions about where scholars encounter their subjects the series promotes a widening and deepening of the study of religion and culture. Generally, the Religion, Culture, and History Series is interested in scholarship that: (1) offers a new perspective on a seemingly stable text, practice, or experience; (2) critiques existing representations of cultural phenomena and practices; (3) introduces environments that construct alternative and oppositional cultural practices; or (4) explores unexpected locations for the study of religion.

Subjects could include, but are not limited to, music, clothing, education, media, food, dance, the senses, art, nature, sports, medicine, protest or resistant movements, abolition, migration, poetry, prison and incarceration, commerce, drugs, public or domestic spaces, the occult, memorials, laborers, miracles, cities, vernacular traditions, global and transnational movements, underrepresented traditions in the study of religion, and more.

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Landscape, Religion, and the Supernatural

Matthias Egeler


World of Worldly Gods

Kelzang Tashi


Global Tantra

Julian Strube


Devotional Sovereignty

Caleb Simmons


The Many Faces of a Himalayan Goddess

Ehud Halperin


Missionary Calculus

Anilkumar Belvadi


Latino and Muslim in America

Harold D. Morales


Muslims Beyond the Arab World

Fallou Ngom


Hindu Christian Faqir

Timothy S. Dobe