Committee on Teaching and Learning


The Teaching and Learning Committee promotes excellence in teaching and learning in religion by developing programs for members.

Duties and Responsibilities

Members of the Teaching and Learning Committee are expected to participate in the following:

Meeting Schedule

  • One in-person committee meeting at the AAR Annual Meeting in November
  • Spring and fall meetings via Zoom

Timeline of Activities

Work peaks in March for planning at the following Annual Meeting and then again in the fall in preparations for the sessions.

Committee Members

  • Term of Service: Four years, non-renewable
  • Committee Composition: Up to six members, plus the Spotlight on Teaching editor, an ex officio position
Full NameTerm StartTerm EndPosition
Jessica Tinklenberg12/4/202012/31/2023Chair
Fannie Bialek1/1/201812/31/2021Committee Member
Rudy V. Busto1/1/202112/31/2024Committee Member
Amy Hale1/1/201812/31/2021Committee Member
Christophe D. Ringer1/1/202112/31/2024Committee Member
Jessica Tinklenberg1/1/201812/31/2021Spotlight Editor
Marchell Jackson8/1/2019 Staff Liaison