Journalism Awards Jury


The AAR’s Committee on the Public Understanding of Religion oversees the Journalism Awards contest. The jury selects the recipient(s) of the Journalism Award

Meeting Schedule

Jury members review entries during April and make final deliberations via conference call in early May.

Jury Members

  • Term of Office: Two years
  • Jury Composition: Three members. The jury is comprised of two non-committee member journalism or media professionals, and one member from the AAR's Committee on the Public Understanding of Religion, who serves as the jury chair.
Full NameTerm StartTerm EndPosition
David Newheiser1/1/202312/31/2024Chair
Manya Brachear1/1/202212/31/2023Jury Member
Mary F. Foskett3/1/202312/31/2024Jury Member
Deborah Jian Lee3/1/202312/31/2024Jury Member
Sarah Posner3/18/202212/31/2023Jury Member
Elizabeth Hardcastle  Staff Liaison