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Disability and Christian Theology: Embodied Limits and Constructive Possibilities

Creamer, Deborah



Attention to embodiment and the religious significance of bodies is one of the most significant shifts in recent theology. As of yet, however, little of this attention has been paid to disability as an aspect of human embodiment. Disability and Christian Theology seeks to correct this oversight. The author reviews possibilities for theological engagement with disability, focusing on three primary tasks: challenging existing theological methods to engage with the disabled body, analyzing possibilities for a disability liberation theology, and exploring new theological options based on an understanding of the universality of human limits. Limits are an unavoidable aspect of being human, a reality we often forget or deny. Yet not only do all humans experience limits, most of us experience limits in the form of disability at some point in our lives. In this sense, disability is more “normal” than its absence. If we take such experiences seriously and refuse to reduce them to mere instances of suffering, the author asserts, we discover insights that are unavailable when we take a perfect or generic body as the starting point for our theological reflections. Out of the many possible applications of these insights, this book focuses on two areas of particular interest: theological anthropology and metaphors for God. Creamer offers new images and possibilities for theological construction that attend appropriately to diversity in human embodiment.

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  • 156 Pages
  • Published: December 2008
  • ISBN: 9780195369151
  • Series: Academy

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