Sullivan Named 2017 Marty Award Winner

Winnifred Fallers SullivanThe Committee on the Public Understanding of Religion is pleased to announce Winnifred Fallers Sullivan is the recipient of the 2017 Martin E. Marty Award for the Public Understanding of Religion.

Sullivan is professor of religious studies and affiliate professor of law at Indiana University Bloomington. Her work focuses on the phenomenology of religion under the modern rule of law, and she is widely known for her critical studies of American law and jurisprudence about religion. She is the author of four books: Paying the Words Extra: Religious Discourse in the Supreme Court of the United States (1994), The Impossibility of Religious Freedom (2005), Prison Religion: Faith-based Reform and the Constitution (2009), and A Ministry of Presence: Chaplaincy, Spiritual Care, and the Law (2014); and the coeditor of three volumes: After Secular Law (2011), Varieties of Religious Establishment (2013), and The Politics of Religious Freedom (2015).

Beyond the religious studies guild, Sullivan’s public scholarship on religion and her work as an expert witness have had an important impact in courtrooms, prisons, military units, and government offices from city halls to the State Department.

Join us at the Marty Forum at this year’s Annual Meeting in Boston, Sunday, November 19, from 3:00–4:30 p.m., where Sullivan will be interviewed by Laurie Patton, president of Middlebury College.