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Teaching Death and Dying

Moreman, Christopher M.


The topic of death and dying confronts us with profound questions about the nature of human existence, God, and the possibilities of an afterlife. Teaching it therefore represents special challenges. Courses on some aspect of death and dying, which first emerged in the 1960s, can now be found at most institutions of higher learning. But such courses tend to stress the psycho-social aspects of grief and bereavement while ignoring the religious elements inherent in the subject. This is the first collection of scholarly essays to address the teaching of courses on death and dying from a religious studies perspective. It brings together scholars with an interest in death studies from across a broad and varied range of disciplinary perspectives, including religious studies, theology, philosophy, psychology, social work, history, education, and medicine.

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  • 283 Pages
  • Published: September 2008
  • ISBN: 9780195335224
  • Series: Teaching Religious Studies

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