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Pilgrimage of Love: Moltmann on the Trinity and Christian Life

McDougall, Joy Ann


This book engages one of the liveliest theological debates at the turn of the twenty-first century: the significance of the doctrine of the Trinity to the Christian concept of God and to its life of faith. Juergen Moltmann’s social trinitarian theology constitutes the most substantial Protestant contribution to this debate. In this book, Joy McDougall offers a reading of Moltmann’s major theological writings over the past thirty years from his first major book, The Theology of Hope, to the present, tracing the development of Moltmann’s doctrine of the Trinity and its implications for ethics broadly understood. Moltmann is better known for his imaginative theological creativity than he is for systematic rigor and internal consistency. Students of his work frequently complain that while his oeuvre clearly expresses a rich and powerful theological vision, he seems to change his mind from book to book on technical and systematic issues important enough to cast doubt on whether he has an internally consistent “position.” At the heart of these complaints lie repeated shifts in the way Moltmann understands the triunity of god. McDougall’s reading stresses the changes in Moltmann’s trinitarian thought, clarifying them by showing what theological interests led him to modify earlier formulations. At the same time, her reading brings out themes that are constant and consistent throughout the development of Moltmann’s trinitarian theology, including his concern to keep clear the practical implications of a Trinitarian understanding of God for social ethics and the shape of the life of faith.

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  • Hardback
  • 224 Pages
  • Published: July 2005
  • ISBN: 0195177053
  • Series: Reflection & Theory in the Study of Religion

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