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Constructive Theology of Bernard Meland: Postliberal Empirical Realism

Inbody, Tyron


This book offers a comprehensive introduction to the thought of Chicago Divinity School theologian Bernard Meland (1871–1993). Tyron Inbody places Meland’s theology within the development of the liberal tradition. He argues that Meland was a precursor of liberal developments in epistemology — especially in his view of how experience, language, and culture are related. Inbody explores the extent to which Meland was both representative and critical of process theology. He concludes with an assessment of Meland’s contribution to postliberal theology. Inbody’s work not only sheds light on the work of this important but neglected thinker, but is in its own right a contribution to empirical theology, theological epistemology, process theology, and the history of liberal theology in North America.

Additional Information

  • Paperback
  • 256 Pages
  • Published: January 1995
  • ISBN: 1555409903
  • Series: Studies in Religion

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