2019 Annual Meeting, Nov 23-26

The 2019 Annual Meeting will be in San Diego, CA, November 23-26. Register Now!

2019 Regional Meetings

Open Calls for Papers:

Deadline: October 1, 2019

Board Resolutions

<p>The following resolutions were passed by the AAR Board of Directors on the dates indicated below.</p>
<p><a href="/node/3199">Evaluating Scholarship in Religious Studies for Promotion and Tenure</a><br />
February 2019</p>
<p><a href="/node/3200">Guidelines for Evaluating Digital Scholarship</a><br />
September 2018</p>
<p><a href=" Conduct Statement</a><br />
February 2018</p>
<p><a href="/node/2541">Responsible Research Practices</a><br />
February 2016</p>
<p><a href="/node/188">Academic Freedom</a><br />
February 2016, Amended</p>
<p><a href="/node/2306">Contingent Faculty Practices</a><br />
September 2015</p>
<p><a href="/node/145">Sexual Harassment Policy</a><br />
September 2015, Amended</p>
<p><a href="/node/190">Sexual Harassment Grievance Procedure</a><br />
September 2015, Amended</p>
<p><a href="/node/2193">Policy on Public Statements</a><br />
April 2015</p>
<p><a href="/node/184">Conflict of Interest Policy</a><br />
November 2010</p>
<p><a href="/node/185">Best Practices for the Posting of Graduation and Placement Records</a><br />
July 2009</p>
<p><a href="/node/186">Non-Discrimination</a><br />
November 2008</p>
<p><a href="/node/187">Best Practices for Academic Job Offers</a><br />
October 2008</p>
<p><a href="/node/189">Student Memberships</a><br />
November 2001</p>
<p><a href="/node/191">Plagiarism, Pirating, and Other Improper Uses</a><br />
April 1994</p>