2020 Regional Meetings

Open Calls for Papers:

Undergraduate Deadline: December 15, 2019

Deadline: December 16, 2019

Upper Midwest
Deadline: December 31, 2019

Pacific Northwest
Deadline: January 3, 2020

Deadline: January 10, 2020

New England-Maritimes
Deadline: January 19, 2020

Eastern International
Deadline: February 1, 2020

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Outgoing Program Unit Chairs (Term ended 2017)

Terms Ended 2017

AAR would like to thank the following Program Unit Chairs whose terms ended in 2017.

Sammy Alfaro
Grand Canyon Theological Seminary
Latina/o Religion, Culture, and Society Unit

Vivienne Angeles
La Salle University
Religion in Southeast Asia Unit

David Bains
Samford University
Space, Place, and Religion Unit

Evan Berry
American University
Religion and Ecology Unit

J. Todd Billings
Western Theological Seminary
Reformed Theology and History Unit

Elizabeth Margaret Bounds
Emory University
Moral Injury and Recovery in Religion, Society, and Culture Unit

Rachel A. R. Bundang
Schools of the Sacred Heart, San Francisco
Asian North American Religion, Culture, and Society Unit

Rudy V. Busto
University of California, Santa Barbara
Religion and Science Fiction Unit

Marie Cartier
California State University, Northridge
Lesbian-Feminisms and Religion Unit

Cláudio Carvalhaes
Union Theological Seminary in New York City
Arts, Literature, and Religion Unit

Mark Chapman
Ripon College, Cuddesdon
Ecclesiological Investigations Unit

Frederick Colby
University of Oregon
Study of Islam Unit

Jill DeTemple
Southern Methodist University
International Development and Religion Unit

Timothy Dobe
Grinnell College
Hinduism Unit

Farid Esack
University of Johannesburg
Contemporary Islam Unit

Massimo Faggioli
Villanova University
Vatican II Studies Unit

Kathleen Foody
College of Charleston
Religion, Colonialism, and Postcolonialism Unit

Sarah Fredericks
University of Chicago
Science, Technology, and Religion Unit

Michelle Gonzalez Maldonado
University of Miami
Religions in the Latina/o Americas Unit

William David Hart
Macalester College
Pragmatism and Empiricism in American Religious Thought Unit

Bradford E. Hinze
Fordham University
Ecclesiological Investigations Unit

Jennifer Scheper Hughes
University of California, Riverside
Religions in the Latina/o Americas Unit

Sarah Jacoby
Northwestern University
Tibetan and Himalayan Religions Unit

Sylvester Johnson
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
North American Religions Unit

Grace Ji-Sun Kim
Earlham College
Women of Color Scholarship, Teaching, and Activism Unit

Amanda Lucia
University of California, Riverside
Hinduism Unit

Brenna Moore
Fordham University
Theology and Religious Reflection Unit

Eric D. Mortensen
Guilford College
Comparative Studies in Religion Unit

David Mozina
Boston College
Daoist Studies Unit

Martin Nguyen
Fairfield University
Islamic Mysticism Unit

Mary Nyangweso
East Carolina University
African Religions Unit

Lisa Owen
University of North Texas
Jain Studies Unit

Hugh Rowland Page
University of Notre Dame
Bible in Racial, Ethnic, and Indigenous Communities Unit

George Pati
Valparaiso University
Body and Religion Unit

Elizabeth Phillips
Westcott House
Sacred Texts and Ethics Unit

Yolanda Pierce
Howard University
Arts, Literature, and Religion Unit

C. John Powers
Deakin University
Yogācāra Studies Unit

Susan Ridgely
University of Wisconsin
Childhood Studies and Religion Unit

Jalane Schmidt
University of Virginia
Religions in the Latina/o Americas Unit

Helene Slessarev-Jamir
Claremont School of Theology
Religion and Cities Unit

Michael Sohn
University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point
Ricoeur Unit

Kirsi Stjerna
Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary
Martin Luther and Global Lutheran Traditions Unit

Tracy J. Trothen
Queen’s University, Kingston
Human Enhancement and Transhumanism Unit

Kocku von Stuckrad
University of Groningen
Religion in Europe Unit

Diana Walsh-Pasulka
University of North Carolina, Wilmington
Death, Dying, and Beyond Unit

Danielle Widmann Abraham
Ursinus College
Contemporary Islam Unit

Vitor Westhelle
Lutheran School of Theology
Martin Luther and Global Lutheran Traditions Unit

Deborah Whitehead
University of Colorado
Women and Religion Unit