2019 Regional Meetings

Open Calls for Papers:

Eastern International Region
CFP Deadline: Feb. 1, 2019)

New England & Canadian Maritimes Joint Region
(CFP Deadline: Jan. 18, 2019)

Mid-Atlantic Region
(CFP Deadline: Dec. 22, 2018)

Midwestern Region
(CFP Deadline: Nov. 3rd, 2018)

Pacific Northwest
(CFP Deadline: Jan. 30th, 2019)

Rocky Mountain-Great Plains Region
(CFP Deadline: Nov. 9, 2018)

Open Registration:

Registration closed.


Frequently Asked Questions - Membership

I just want to talk to a human being; how can I do that?

Please call the AAR at 1-404-727-3049 during business hours.

What does membership in the AAR cost?

AAR dues are on a sliding scale based on income. Please refer to the chart below for specific rates:

Annual Income
(in US Dollars)
$100,000 + $220 $220
$60,000 – $99,999 $165 $165
$20,000 – $59,999 $110 $110
under $20,000 $55 $55
Student $55
Special International1 $15

1International Scholars working or residing outside those countries designated as high income by the World Bank may take advantage of a discounted rate of $15 plus international postage. Members from the following countries are not eligible: United States, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Korea, Luxembourg, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Slovak Republic, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

When does my membership expire?

AAR membership is based on the calendar year, January 1 – December 31. To continue membership benefits without interruption, current members should renew for the next year by December 31. New members who join throughout the year and opt in to print issues of JAAR are automatically sent back issues of the journal for the current calendar year. Please allow 8–10 weeks for delivery.

Why has my AAR membership cost changed?

In August 2009, the AAR revised its dues structure. The AAR reduced the number of membership categories to six. The AAR also initiated the first dues increase since 2001. The increase was necessary to cover increased costs and to continue to provide a high level of member services.

How can I change my contact information?

You can change your contact information by logging into My Account

How can I get a receipt for my AAR membership?

You can get a receipt for your membership by logging into My Account and clicking on Recent Transactions. 

How soon after renewal will my information be updated online?

If you register online, your information will be updated immediately. If you register by mail or phone, the process may take up to five business days after receipt of your information.

I don't remember my member ID. What now?

If we have your current e-mail address on file, you can retrieve your AAR member ID here.

If you no longer have access to the e-mail address in the AAR database, please contact us at +1-404-727-3049 or To expedite the process, please include the address and e-mail we have on file.

Why have I received notice that my membership is lapsed, when I know that I have already renewed?

Membership renewal mailings are prepared on the schedule that our mailing services require; members unfamiliar with sending bulk mailing are often unaware of the lead time required in getting ready for communications of this sort. It is not uncommon for a month to pass between the time that an address list is sent to the mail house and the time that a mailing is delivered (longer for addresses outside the U.S.).

Obviously, the mailing will reflect the membership status on the date it was prepared, not on the date it was received. Thus, the member who has renewed after the mailing was prepared should still expect to receive the renewal notice.

You can check your membership status at any time by reviewing your account in My Account. (You will need to log in; if you have lost your member ID, please see here.) Please call us at 1-404-727-3049 if you have any questions about your membership status.

When will I begin having access to AAR member benefits?

For online services (e.g., Employment Listings, the Membership Directory, Annual Meeting registration) persons who join or renew online will have immediate access.

Persons who submit their membership forms by mail or fax will have access the day materials are processed; under most circumstances this processing will take less than a week – but at heavy renewal times (the beginning of the year, and the month after fall renewal notices are sent) it may take longer.

A notice will be sent, usually within a week, confirming the membership, providing your Member ID, and providing a link to set a password for online access to the AAR website.

Members will be placed on the mailing list for the next issues of JAAR. Back issues of JAAR for the current calendar year will be sent to members automatically. Please allow 8–10 weeks for delivery.

How do I access JAAR online through the Oxford University Press website?

Subscribers who arrange for Oxford University Press (OUP) journals directly through the publisher receive a subscriber number, which they can use for online access to the journal(s) to which they have subscribed. Therefore, when browsing the JAAR page on the OUP website, you may be prompted for a subscriber number.

Oxford University Press publishes the Journal of the AAR and sends it to AAR members, but AAR members do not receive individual subscriber numbers. Instead, AAR members have access to the JAAR information on the OUP website by logging in first, using their AAR member IDs, to the Oxford University Press – JAAR page on the AAR website.

If you do not know your AAR member ID, please see the question above, I don't remember my member ID. What now?

Why is my membership expiring in December, when I joined in the middle of the year?

AAR membership is based on the calendar year, January 1 - December 31.

Because of the substantial discount for members in Annual Meeting registration, most people who are not yet members, but who wish to attend the Annual Meeting, find that it is advantageous to join—even in late November—in order to receive this discount. We make every effort to be certain they understand that the membership will expire on December 31, but invariably some Annual Meeting registrants forget and are surprised to receive a renewal letter soon after joining. We ask that they recall that this was a purposeful decision that saved them money at the time of Annual Meeting registration.

Please note that even if you are not joining at the beginning of the year, we make every effort to provide the full year's worth of benefits: Notably, JAAR back issues for the current calendar year will be sent to you automatically (please allow 8–10 weeks for delivery), and you are eligible to attend the Annual Meeting at the fully discounted member rate (without having the discount prorated for your period of membership).

If my membership will expire in December, why should I join for this year at all?

Even if you are not joining at the beginning of the year, we make every effort to provide the full year's worth of benefits: Notably, JAAR back issues for the current calendar year will be sent to you automatically (please allow 8–10 weeks for delivery); you will have access to Job Postings without having to wait until the beginning of the year; and you will be able to attend the Annual Meeting at the fully discounted member rate, a discount which covers the cost of membership in most cases.

If I joined last month, why does the online login system say that my membership is not yet active?

Some membership forms distributed in last few months of the year have two columns for the totals, one labeled for the current year, and the other labeled for the coming year. If you are not a current member (either never having joined, or having let your membership lapse) and write your totals in the column for the coming year, we apply your membership to that year.

Similarly, in late months of the year, the online renewal system is set to give you a choice of joining for the current year, the coming year, or both. If you join for the coming year, of course, then your membership does not become active until January 1 of that year.

If you intended to join for the current year, but accidentally indicated that your membership should be applied to the coming year, then we can change the year of the membership. Please note that such adjustments can only go in the direction of later years to earlier years, and not the reverse. Thus, we can reapply (to use an example from the past) 2012 to 2011—but not 2011 to 2012.

What AAR region am I in?

AAR members in the U.S. and Canada are automatically assigned a region based on geographic location. Your region is displayed to you when you log into My Account.

Is information available for members who live outside the United States for things like traveling to the Annual Meeting or seeking grant funding?

Yes, there is a special section of the AAR website with helpul information for international members: