2018 Annual Meeting, Nov 17-20

Mark your calendars for the 2018 Annual Meeting! Plan to join your colleagues in Denver November 17-20. More info to come soon!

Regions Committee

Charge:  The Regions Committee promotes the work of the Academy's regional groups by recommending policies and good practices in administering regional groups; fostering communication between and among regional secretaries and other regional officers; and administering the regional development grants program.

Composition:  Ten regionally elected coordinators and the AAR Regions Director, who serves as committee chair.

Terms of Office:  Three years, renewable.

Current Members:

Member Position Term Start Term End
Jeffrey Brackett 2015 2018
James Bretzke 2014 2020
Brian Clearwater 2017 2020
Elizabeth Coody 2016 2019
Katherine Downey Chair 2018 2020
Verna Marina Ehret 2012 2018
Mari Kim 2016 2019
Sabrina D. MisirHiralall 2017 2020
Nathaniel S. Murrell 2017 2020
Matt Vieson Staff Liaison 2018
Courtney Wilder 2015 2018

Regional Officers' Handbook

Regions Newsletters:

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