Graduate Student Committee

Charge:  The Graduate Student Committee addresses the needs and concerns of graduate students and promotes their professional development and participation in the American Academy of Religion and the academy as a whole.

Composition:  Ten regionally elected Student Directors and the AAR Student Director, who serves as committee chair.  The AAR Student Director is a member of the AAR Board of Directors. Each regionally elected Student Director serves as a member of their Regional Board of Directors.

Term of Service:  AAR Student Director serves a two-year, non-renewable term. Each Regional Student Director is elected by their Region for a 2-year term of service, and may serve an optional 3rd year.

Meetings Schedule:

  • One in-person meeting at the Annual Meeting in November.
  • Meetings in Spring, Fall, and Winter via Zoom.
  • Planning sub-committee meets in Spring.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Graduate Student Committee members are expected to participate in a variety of activities, including the following:

  • Programming for Student Sessions at the AAR Annual Meetings

    • Student Roundtable Sessions and Special Topics Forum; co-sponsored sessions, workshops, or other special events; GSC Business Meeting
  • Additional activities for AAR Student Director

    • Student Director attends AAR Board Meetings
  • Additional activities for Regional Student Directors

    • Regional Meeting

Publications or other items:

Graduate Student Newsletter, Speaking of Students

Timeline of Activities:

  • Speaking of Students newsletter is sent out quarterly.
  • At the AAR Annual Meeting in November:

    • Friday: GSC Committee Meeting
    • Saturday: Special Topics Forum
    • Saturday/Sunday/Monday: Student Roundtable Sessions
    • Sunday: GSC Business Meeting


  • December 15 - Open Call for Papers
  • December/January - Student Director submits Board Report
  • February/March - Finalize AM Programming
  • April 1- Submit all Annual Meeting Sessions/Events/Activities

Current Members:

Member Position Term Start Term End
Adam D. J. Brett 2020 2020
Meghan Johnston Aelabouni 2018 2020
Andrew Klumpp 2018 2020
Abby Kulisz 2018 2020
Kaitlyn Lindgren-Hansen 2019 2021
Alex Mayfield 2018 2020
Michael McLaughlin 2019 2021
Aarti Patel Chair 2019 2021
Joe Paxton 2019 2021
Tekoa Robinson 2017 2020

Graduate Student Newsletter
Student Director
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