2018 Annual Meeting, Nov 17-20

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2019 Regional Meetings

Open Calls for Papers:

Eastern International Region
CFP Deadline: Feb. 1, 2019)

Mid-Atlantic Region
(CFP Deadline: Dec. 1, 2018)

Midwestern Region
(CFP Deadline: Oct. 20, 2018)

Rocky Mountain-Great Plains Region
(CFP Deadline: Oct. 26, 2018)

Southeastern Region
(CFP Deadline: Oct. 1, 2018)

Southwest Region
(CFP Deadline: Oct. 15, 2018)

Western Region
(CFP Deadline: Oct. 1, 2018)

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Books and Major Publications

Duane R. Bidwell, Claremont School of Theology

When One Religion Isn't Enough: The Lives of Spiritually Fluid People, Beacon Press, 2018. This book explores the lives of spiritually fluid people, revealing that while some chose multiple religious belonging, many more inherit it.Through in-depth conversations with spiritually fluid people, renowned scholar Duane Bidwell explores how people come to claim and be claimed by multiple religious traditions, how spiritually fluid people engage radically opposed truth claims, and what this growing population tells us about change within our communities.

Giosuè Ghisalberti, Humber College

Soteriology and the End of Animal Sacrifice, Wipf and Stock, 2018. This book traces the historically sustained critique of animal sacrifice in both the Jewish prophets and Greek philosophers and offers a reinterpretation of the fundamental expression of piety in both cultures.

Todd Green, Luther College

Presumed Guilty: Why We Shouldn't Ask Muslims to Condemn Terrorism, Fortress Press, 2018. In this book, Todd Green argues that asking Muslims to condemn terrorist attacks is a distraction that prevents majority populations in the US and Europe both from facing their own violent histories and from asking critical questions about how their countries' national security initiatives and foreign policies contribute to a violent world order. The book proposes healthier ways for majority populations to engage Muslim communities other than through the prisms of violence and counterterrorism.

Ilya Merlin, University of Western Ontario

The Religious Metaphysics of Vladimir Soloviev, Palgrave, 2018. Forthcoming with Palgrave Pivot and co-translated with a critical introduction by Mikhail Pozdniakov. The original text of this work was published in the French journal Revue d’Histoire et de Philosophie Religieuses. This English translation presents Alexandres Kojève’s attempt to unify the religious philosophy of Vladimir Solovyov into a metaphysical system that Solovyov strived for but was never able to fully articulate in his lifetime.

Thomas Patton, City University of Hong Kong

 The Buddha’s Wizards: Magic, Protection, and Healing in Burmese Buddhism, Columbia University Press, 2018. Wizards with magical powers to heal the sick, possess the bodies of their followers, and defend their tradition against outside threats are far from the typical picture of Buddhism. Yet belief in wizard-saints who protect their devotees and intervene in the world is widespread among Burmese Buddhists. The Buddha’s Wizards is a historically informed ethnographic study that explores the supernatural landscape of Buddhism in Myanmar to explain the persistence of wizardry as a form of lived religion in the modern era.

Brian C. Wilson, Western Michigan University

John E. Fetzer and the Quest for the New Age, Wayne State University Press, 2018. This is the remarkable story of the spiritual search of one of the country’s most successful entrepreneurs, a search that culminated in the Fetzer Institute whose ambitious mission is nothing less than the spiritual transformation of the world. Wilson shows how Fetzer’s quest mirrored those of thousands of Americans who sought new ways of thinking and being in the ever-changing spiritual movements of the twentieth century. Unlike most others who engaged in a similar process, Fetzer’s spiritual synthesis can be documented step by step using extensive archival materials, providing readers with a detailed roadmap through metaphysical America.