2017 Annual Meeting, Nov 18-21

Plan to join your colleagues in beautiful Boston for the 2017 AAR & SBL Annual Meetings. Advance rates end August 24. Register today!

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2018 Regional Meetings

The following Call for Papers is open:

Southwest (SWCRS)
Deadline: October 15

2017 National Humanities Conference

Register by October 27 for the NHC conference in Boston.


Have a Cup of Coffee on the AAR

Look for this program to resume at the 2017 Annual Meeting in Boston.

AAR's Have a Cup of Coffee mentoring program pairs members in need of mentoring with experienced professionals at the Annual Meeting.

How It Works

  • Mentors are invited to set aside one hour of their time at the meeting to speak with a person in need of mentoring. 
  • Mentees will view a schedule of available mentors and their areas of expertise. Mentees will register for a mentor time slot on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  • Mentors and mentees will receive a confirmation e-mail from the AAR with the contact information for each person. The mentoring pair are encouraged to contact one another before the Annual Meeting to confirm plans.
  • AAR will contribute a $10 gift card to each mentoring pair to subvent the cost of drinks. The coffee card must be picked up at the AAR booth in the Exhibit Hall.
  • Mentor and mentee will enjoy a free cup of coffee and an hour of conversation.

How to Apply for a Mentor

Mentee registration will open in October. Mentees will select a mentor based on availability and area of mentoring expertise. Selections are made on a first-come, first-serve basis. To make the impact of this program as broad as possible, mentees may select only one mentoring slot for the entirety of the meeting. Once registered, a confirmation e-mail will be sent to the mentee and the mentor. Mentees are encouraged to contact the mentor in advance of the meeting to confirm plans and begin the conversation.

AAR will contribute $10 to the mentoring pair to subvent the cost of the drinks. You will need to meet at the AAR booth in the Exhibit Hall to receive the subvention.

The deadline to apply for a mentoring time slot will be announced.


The mentor is meant to be a sounding board and guide from experience. Mentors and mentees will meet once face-to-face at the Annual Meeting for an hour; there is no expectation of the mentoring relationship extending beyond this meeting unless both parties agree. The mentor will not necessarily be in the same field as the mentee and will not necessarily be available to read her or his work. The mentor will offer guidance where possible, with some of the following: professional development/ discernment, access to networks, strategizing and publication, job-seeking (including jobs outside the academy or off the tenure track), the tenure and promotion process, and work/life balance. It is appropriate for a mentor to request curriculum vitae from potential mentees. Mentors and mentees should be aware of the potential power dynamics between them and adhere to professional ethics and boundaries. All conversations are confidential unless both parties agree otherwise.

Mentors and mentees are responsible for contacting one another with any changes in plans well before the meeting.  Both parties need to be aware that this mentoring program comes on top of other Annual Meeting duties and commitments; please honor one another's time accordingly. It would be helpful for the mentor and mentee to talk about mutual expectations via e-mail before they meet.

How to Become a Mentor

AAR solicited mentors from its volunteer leadership (Board of Directors, committees, and program units). 

AAR seeks mentors willing to share their experience and knowledge with other AAR members. The mentor is meant to be a sounding board and guide from experience.

Mentors should have:

  • Five years or more professional experience in the field. (Note: If you have less than five years of experience, you can still apply for consideration if you have a specific area of expertise to share.)
  • Expertise in any of the following areas: leadership, strategic decision-making, organizational skills, publishing, alternative careers, tenure applications, or the hiring process.
  • The willingness to share insights in the profession to help guide the mentee.
  • Availability to meet a mentee for 60 minutes on Saturday, Sunday, or Monday at the Annual Meeting.

Mentors are welcome to mentor more than once at different times/dates over the course of the Annual Meeting.

To apply to be a mentor, please complete the application form. Information on this form will be displayed to mentees when mentee registration opens.