2019 Regional Meetings

Open Calls for Papers:

Eastern International Region
CFP Deadline: Feb. 1, 2019)

New England & Canadian Maritimes Joint Region
(CFP Deadline: Jan. 18, 2019)

Mid-Atlantic Region
(CFP Deadline: Dec. 22, 2018)

Midwestern Region
(CFP Deadline: Nov. 3rd, 2018)

Pacific Northwest
(CFP Deadline: Jan. 30th, 2019)

Rocky Mountain-Great Plains Region
(CFP Deadline: Nov. 9, 2018)

Open Registration:

Registration closed.


Frequently Asked Questions - Label Rentals

I just want to talk to a human being; how can I do that?          

Please call Rob Williams at 1-404-727-2270.

You can confirm the AAR's hours of operation under "Office Hours" on the Contact Us page.

I'm a member; Does the AAR rent or sell my contact information?          

The AAR rents (for a certain number of uses) its membership list for use in mailing catalogs, flyers, announcements, etc. which are of a professional interest to the profession. We exclude from those rentals, of course, addresses for members who have opted out.

We are very specific with the terminology we use in saying that we "rent" the list (meaning that we retain all rights and control over the use of the list) rather than "sell" it.

How can I prevent my information from being made available to advertisers?          

Members may opt out of having their contact information rented to advertisers by contacting us at 1-404-727-3049 or This information is also provided in the AAR Privacy Policy.

How can one request labels from the AAR?          

Go to AAR Mailing List Rentals.  Our policies and pricing can be found on that page.

Why do I see one count in parentheses beside an Interest Area List, but get a different count on the results page?          

At the top of the Interest Area List, it is explained that these counts are for all member types in all geographic areas; if you are requesting (for example) only "regular members in the U.S.," then you are choosing to receive only a portion of the total members with that interest area.

Also, if you select more than one interest area, the lists are deduplicated. Thus, a person may have (for example) an interest in Anthropology (D01) and Archaeology (D02), and thus appear in the base count for both lists, but she or he will only appear once in the final label set. It is for this reason that you cannot simply add together the interest area counts to predict the total numbers.

Our sytem will provide an instant count and cost for most selections, so it is not necessary for you to do the mathematics. Use this functionality to ascertain the count and cost based on parameters you select.

What does it mean that payment will be processed within two business days?          

On the label rental request page, we ask advertisers to allow us two business days to process payments. We make every effort to process submissions and payments by the next business day. If the timing issue is critical, however, we encourage you to call Jane Smith (404-727-2297) in accounting or the main AAR information line (404-727-3049) to be certain that no delay is anticipated.

Why does the AAR require payment for lists rental requests within thirty days?          

Because AAR memberships run for the calendar year, the number of members in the AAR increases substantially over the course of the year. We require payment within thirty days to ensure that the number of names provided approximates the membership count that was returned at the time of the list request.

What if I fail to make payment within thirty days of requesting a list?          

You should request a new list. If you make payment on the original list after thirty days, the payment may be refunded to you or applied to a new rental request.

Why does the AAR require that mailings be sent within two months after a list is provided?          

Because we allow members to opt out of having their names rented, we want to be able to assure them that solicitations will stop within a two-month time frame of their opting out of this program.

What if I find out I cannot send a mailing within two months?          

Contact Rob Williams at to work out a solution.

We have already merged and purged with a previous AAR mailing list. Why can't we just pay for a new list, but use the old one?          

If you use a previous list, it may include the names of members who have recently opted out of having their names rented.

How do I make payment for a label rental request?          

Payment options are outlined on the Payments page. 

How can I get the AAR Federal Tax ID Number or address, which our institution requires to process a payment?

This information is provided on the Payments page.

How can I get a receipt for the payment I submitted?          

If you pay by credit card, the email containing the payment amount is your receipt. If you paid by check, the cancelled check is your receipt.

If this is not sufficient, you can contact our accountant, Jane Smith, at 1-404-727-2297 or with your order ID, and ask that she prepare a receipt.

Can one rent labels for members of a program unit?          

Unlike in some learned societies, AAR program units do not have memberships beyond the chairs and the steering committee.

We can help you target mailing to people with specific interests. Contact Rob Williams at for details.

Can one rent labels for members based on gender or ethnicity?          

No. The AAR has assured members that demographic information we collect will be used only internally.

I've lost the order ID for my label rental request; what can I do?          

Contact Rob Williams at