Draft Statement on Responsible Research Practices

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Thanks to AAR members who commented on the Draft Responsible Research Practices Statement, via email, online comments, and other social media sites. We have gathered all of the comments that we know about and will pass them along to the Responsible Practices Seminar. If you are interested in this topic, please watch for a public Seminar session at the 2015 Annual Meeting in Atlanta.

The American Academy of Religion has issued guidelines and best practices on many professional issues, including non-Discrimination, Plagiarism, Academic Freedom, the Posting of Graduation and Placement Records, and Academic Job Offers.

Unlike our sibling organizations in the American Council of Learned Societies, however, we have no guidelines regarding responsible research practices. In an attempt to provide the AAR with such a statement, a group of ten scholars, led by AAR President Thomas Tweed and Executive Director Jack Fitzmier, have drafted a set of proposed guidelines.

This proposal has emerged from the group’s discussions over the past year and a half. Its deliberations included a review of other ACLS statements as well as open sessions for member input. We sponsored a public session at the AAR Annual Meeting in 2014, and will hold another public forum this year in Atlanta on “The Moral Challenges of Research,” at which we will solicit more comments about the draft.

In the meantime, we are posting our draft statement for member comment now in Religious Studies News. Our hope is that this will prompt still more discussion and lead to a more nuanced final draft, which the group plans to submit to the AAR Board of Directors for its consideration in 2016.

We invite AAR members to make public comments on the draft posted in RSN. You may do so by logging in with your AAR Member ID and password below the policy text. You will be asked to identify yourself by name and your comments will be visible to all members who view the comments section. Alternatively, you may wish to send a private message to Thomas Tweed or Jack Fitzmier. To do so, send an e-mail to . Messages to this address will be forwarded to Thomas and Jack. Please note that all comments are subject to the AAR’s policies on commenting, which can be found here.