2018 Annual Meeting, Nov 17-20

Mark your calendars for the 2018 Annual Meeting! Plan to join your colleagues in Denver November 17-20. More info to come soon!

Academic Labor and Contingent Faculty Working Group

Charge:  The Working group supports the efforts of the American Academy of Religion to address a wide range of issues connected to educational institutions’ heavy reliance on contingent faculty, including those working on a part-time basis as well as single or multi-year contracts. The group advocates cultural and structural change to ensure just work conditions, pay, and collective bargaining rights for contingent faculty in order to foster equity, labor justice, and the common good in the Academy. Contingent faculty chair the working group.

Terms of Office:  Four years, non-renewable.

Member Position Term Start Term End
Edwin David Aponte 2017 2020
Matthew Bingley 2017 2019
Kerry Danner Chair 2018 2020
Jennifer Scheper Hughes 2018 2021
Sylvester Johnson 2017 2018
Elizabeth Lemons 2017 2020
Sarah Levine Staff Liaison 2017
Rachel Lindsey 2017 2020
Hussein Rashid 2017 2018
Gabe Veas 2017 2020

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Articles and Opinion

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