2020 Regional Meetings

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All remaining regional meetings for 2020 have been canceled

AAR/SBL Regions Task Force

AAR/SBL Regions Task Force


Among the responsibilities the Task Force, led by the AAR and SBL Executive Directors, is asked to undertake are the following:

  • Collect and compare data, including registration, programming, administration, and geographic coverage
  • Develop two survey tools for

    • Post-meeting attendees to gather specific event feedback
    • North American members to gather general interest and experience
  • Review membership association models for regions, including best practices, accountabilities, and responsibilities in order to reduce risk and liability
  • Explore and propose language about the mission, member benefit, and goals of regions vis-à-vis the broader organizations
  • Consider pros and cons of joint coordination, location, and identity of AAR and SBL regions
  • Identify possible needs and services for regions, such as orientation resources, event planning, and centralized contract negotiation
  • Draft a report on the membership benefit of regional meetings and make recommendations that the Executive Directors will bring to the AAR Board and the SBL Council


AAR Task Force Members:

Kathrine Downey, AAR Regions Director
Cynthia Hogan, REC, Eastern International Region
Joe Paxton, Student Director, Western Region
Alice Hunt, AAR Executive Director
Matt Vieson., AAR Regions Staff Liaison