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AAR/SBL Jobs Report & Summary


The AAR and SBL have released a joint report on employment listings posted to the Employment Services job board in academic year 2018 (AY18). Overall, the number of positions decreased from AY17 to AY18; however, the number of faculty positions increased as well as the number of tenure-track positions. Job opportunities have declined slightly in number but improved in quality. Declines are either slight or level compared to recent steep drops.

Key Findings

  • The total number of positions decreased by 6.3% from AY17 to AY18. This is the lowest number of positions going back to 2003, but consistent with numbers from 2016.
  • The number of institutions decreased slightly, but remained above 2015 and 2016 levels.
  • The fluctuation of the number of institutions and positions has fluctuated near or below 6% for the past three years, suggesting some stability following the rapid declines witnessed beginning in 2008.
  • Generally, there is a shift towards more long-term employment:

    • Faculty positions increased by 9.4%
    • Tenure-tracked increased 18.3%
    • Entry level positions increased 4.2%
    • Fellowship and postdoc opportunities decreased by 32%
  • The number of administrative positions decreased by about 25% but is level with 2016.
  • Faculty positions make up about 75% of the positions advertised and nearly 80% of these are tenure-track or non-term limited.
  • The number of entry-level and mid-level faculty jobs increased, but the number of upper-level positions decreased to an all-time low.
  • The majority of positions are still associated with a five-to-six annual course load.
  • Several fields saw significant increases in AY18

    • The number of positions in Archaeology-Ancient Near East, Archaeology-Greco-Roman, and Epigraphy increased over 200%. Other fields noting significant increases year over year include Second Temple Judaism (175%), Social Sciences and Religion (144.4%), Early Judaism (133.3%), Septuagint (133.3%), Biblical Languages (100%), and Hebrew Bible/Old Testament (77.1%). Positions in Christian Studies, Christian Theology (general or not listed separately), New Religious Movements, and Pastoral Care saw significant decreases in AY18.
  • The top desired fields were:

    • Social Sciences and Religion (66)
    • Hebrew Bible/Old Testament (62)
    • Islamic Studies (56)
    • New Testament (53)
    • Judaism/Jewish Studies (47)
  • The number of international positions from various countries remained largely steady, and international positions remain a small percentage of those advertised.


View the full report.