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AAR Members Win NEH Grants


Congratulations to the following AAR members who recently won grants from the NEH!


Sara Ritchey | University of Tennessee, Knoxville
NEH Program: Fellowships
Project Title: “Salvation is Medicine”: Gender and the Caregiving Communities of Late Medieval Europe
Project Description: Preparation of a book on medieval women’s medical knowledge and religion-based caregiving practices.


Ariela Marcus-Sells | Elon University
NEH Program: Fellowships
Project Title: What Is Magic? Debating Eighteenth-century Science, Sorcery, and Secrets in West African Sufi Texts
Project Description: Research and writing a book on two Sufi Muslim scholars working in Africa in the eighteenth century.


Aaron Hughes | University of Rochester
NEH Program: Fellowships
Project Title: Silent History: Judaism and Islam on the Arabian Peninsula in the Seventh and Eighth Centuries CE
Project Description: Writing a history of Judaism in the Arabian Peninsula during the founding years of Islam in the seventh and eighth centuries CE.


Eric Schluessel | University of Montana
NEH Program: Fellowships
Project Title: An Edition and Translation of Tarikh-i Hamidi, a Nineteenth-century Uyghur History of Eurasia
Project Description: Translation from Chaghatay (a Central Asian language) of a nineteenth-century Uyghur history of Eurasia.


Leigh Schmidt | Washington University in St. Louis
NEH Program: Fellowships
Project Title: A Religious History of American Secularism
Project Description: Writing a history of church-like communities established by American secularists.


Wendy Cadge, project director | Brandeis University
NEH Program: Digital Projects for the Public: Prototyping Grants
Project Title: Mapping Religious Transformation in Boston’s Hidden Sacred Spaces
Project Description: A mobile application, a website, and related radio programs that explore religious life in Boston through sacred spaces of public buildings.



View the full list of recent grants awarded by the NEH.