The 2021 Amish and Plan Anabaptist Studies Association Conference

Call for Papers for the Fifth Annual Conference

The ongoing growth of the plain people—the Amish, Hutterites, German Baptists, Apostolic Christians, Swiss Mennonites, Low German Mennonites, and others—means that more people are encountering these religious groups in the public sphere. Those who specifically study or work with the plain people must continue advancing our bodies of knowledge through critical evaluation of old knowledge and introduction of new ideas. The goals of APASA conferences are to disseminate advances in research and practice, spark new ideas through conversation, and broaden professional networks.

A decision will be made by May 17 on whether the conference will be held in person in Millersburg, Ohio, or in an online or hybrid format.

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April 30, 2021

Event Date

July 16–17, 2021