AAR/SBL Regions Task Force


Among the responsibilities the Task Force, led by the AAR and SBL Executive Directors, is asked to undertake are the following:

  • Collect and compare data, including registration, programming, administration, and geographic coverage
  • Develop two survey tools for
    • Post-meeting attendees to gather specific event feedback
    • North American members to gather general interest and experience
  • Review membership association models for regions, including best practices, accountabilities, and responsibilities in order to reduce risk and liability
  • Explore and propose language about the mission, member benefit, and goals of regions vis-à-vis the broader organizations
  • Consider pros and cons of joint coordination, location, and identity of AAR and SBL regions
  • Identify possible needs and services for regions, such as orientation resources, event planning, and centralized contract negotiation
  • Draft a report on the membership benefit of regional meetings and make recommendations that the Executive Directors will bring to the AAR Board and the SBL Council

Task Force Members

Full NamePosition
Alice HuntAAR Executive Director
Cynthia HoganRegionally Elected Coordinator
Brian K. PenningtonRegions Director
Nichole FranklinStaff Liaison
Joe PaxtonStudent Director