Whiting Public Engagement Programs Funding


Since 2018, the AAR has been a nominating partner in the Whiting Foundation's Public Engagement Programs, which annually award $50,000 fellowships and $10,000 seed grants to humanities scholars involved in public-facing work. The programs "fund ambitious, often collaborative projects to infuse into public life the richness and nuance that give the humanities their lasting value." 

Current AAR members may apply to be nominated for a Public Engagement Seed Grant or Public Engagement Fellowship. Nominees are selected by the AAR Committee on the Public Understanding of Religion and then must submit a more detailed application on the Whiting Foundation's website by June 14.

Criteria and Nomination Process

Before applying for AAR nomination, please read the Whiting Public Engagement Program guidelines (PDF), which provide a description of the program, eligibility requirements, and the application process if you are nominated by the AAR. Your project must be primarily designed to engage one or more specific publics beyond the academy. 

Nominees must be early-career, having received their doctorate between January 1, 2008 and December 31, 2020. Focus is given to the following disciplines: history; the study of literature, visual art, music, and other arts; philosophy; and area studies combining these fields, like classics and African-American studies.

The AAR period for accepting nomination applications is closed.

Nominees will have approximately two weeks to submit a more developed application on the Whiting Foundation's website. Therefore, it is recommended in the interim between applying for nomination and learning of the committee’s decision, you give ample thought to the substance of what you would include in your Whiting proposal, if nominated.  

To Learn More

Whiting Foundation Information sessions

Contact AAR Public Programs Specialist Marion Pierre for more information. 

Learn more

Whiting Foundation information sessions offer nominees and prospective nominees more info on the application and selection process. Session dates:

  • May 5, 2021
  • June 2, 2021

Key Deadlines 

Whiting application: June 14, 2021

Funding Amounts

Whiting Public Engagement Fellowship: $50,000

Whiting Public Engagement Seed Grant: Up to $10,000


AAR nominee notification: May 27, 2021

Whiting finalists: Mid-February 2022