Other Events


Update: Since SBL and AAR have transitioned to virtual Annual Meetings, we have adjusted our rates for Other Events to $25 per 30-minute time slot—a 50 percent discount. The format will be the same as the rest of the virtual Annual Meetings: Zoom meetings or webinars within the EventPilot Virtual Event platform. Note that all presenters and attendees must register for the virtual Annual Meeting. 

Other Events are events scheduled separately from the SBL and AAR programs. Examples of Other Events include social events, business meetings, and special sessions.

Fees and Schedule

Other Events Fees are based on the schedule below, and are non-refundable after November 2. You will be notified via email per the dates below when your event has been scheduled.

  • If we receive your Other Events Request Form and payment by August 20
    • Fee is $25 per 30-minute time slot
    • Event will be listed in all virtual Annual Meeting publications
    • Confirmation of scheduled time slot by September 4
  • If we receive your Other Events Request Form and payment by November 2:
    • Fee is $25 per 30-minute time slot
    • Event will only be listed in the virtual Annual Meeting platform and Mobile App 
    • Confirmation of venue and room assignment by November 16
  • No Other Events requests will be accepted after November 2.
  • Change requests made after November 2 will incur a $75 per half hour change fee (includes changes to day, time, and/or location)

Required Info

You will need the following information when completing the online Other Events Request:

  • Sponsoring Organization
  • Event title and type
  • Date and time, first and second choices
  • Method of payment

If you are hosting an event not arranged through SBL/AAR and would like it listed in the Program Book, use the Other Events Program Book link to submit your request. The cost is $100.

If you have any questions, please email otherevents@annual-meetings.org or call 1-404-727-7972.